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Quorn Neighbourhood Plan

Our vision for Quorn is that it continues to be an attractive, thriving and sustainable place for people to live and work, while keeping its character as a beautiful rural village of historic significance, with a strong sense of community spirit and cohesion, making the most of its special qualities to attract visitors from further afield.

It will have a balanced and diverse community, to provide wellbeing through a healthy, creative, equitable and sustainable life for all, regardless of age, lifestyle or status. Attractive streets, green spaces and thriving natural environment will provide safe and enjoyable movement on foot and bicycle. It will be socially inclusive with shops, pubs and restaurants as well as the facility for lifelong learning, sports and recreation.

Growth will be managed, sustainable and in keeping with the village character, retaining its independent rural identity, distinct from adjoining urban areas. New development will be located on sites which minimise negative impacts on traffic, parking or community resources, and enable new arrivals to contribute positively to the social and commercial life of the village. It will also provide opportunities for existing residents to find accommodation suitable to their circumstances with easy access to community resources including health care, schools and youth organisations.

Quorn, a community conserving its village identity and heritage whilst promoting a safe and invigorating sustainable environment for future growth and quality of life.


Documents and further information is available on the Leicestershire Communities website.

Statutory Requirements

More information about Quorn Neighbourhood Plan is available on the Charnwood Borough Council website.