I retired in 2017 after 43 years’ service in the NHS. I worked originally as a GP in Loughborough and then spent an increasing time in training doctors across the East Midlands. I was appointed to a national body which had a focus on the Quality Management of training and the performance of doctors.

I have lived in Quorn since 2007, having known it well since about 1977. I am a country boy from the Welsh borders, and I am determined that my retirement will include time supporting and preserving a village community, particularly working to maintain its independence from other settlements.

I joined Quorn Parish Council in 2016 and became aware of the challenges faced by both the village and its Council. I passionately believe that the best way to achieve what is necessary and desirable is by close cooperation between the electorate and the Council. I will continue promoting the highest standards expected of a Council and encourage others of a like mind to share this ambition.

But most of my time will be spent enjoying life with my wife and our family which is scattered around the UK.