My name’s Josh and I’ve lived in Quorn for nearly three decades. In that time my love for our great village has only grown, and now the very kind people of Quorn have given me their vote to represent them and be their voice in the community.

I have been very lucky to have had a diverse range of jobs and experiences that will aid me in my position as Parish Councillor. I have worked in retail, a non-profit organisation and now the pharmacy sector. In most of the jobs that I have held I’ve had a lot of experience with customer care, working with customers from a wealth of backgrounds. This will help me to build a stronger community for all residents of Quorn.

My interests in the village are planning, making sure we keep green spaces green, and making sure my that generation’s voice is heard. I will always be accountable to you and you can contact me whenever you like.

In my free time I love to cook for friends, play badminton (very badly) and catch up on TV shows on Netflix.