I began my involvement with Quorn Parish Council in 2017 as one of the volunteers involved with the Neighbourhood Plan. I thought it was a great exercise in local democracy. When the opportunity arose to be co-opted on to the Parish Council, I applied and was accepted.

When the elections for the Parish Council were held in the spring of 2019, I stood and was very pleased to be elected.

I stood for election in 2019 because I believe in local democracy. Because I believe in community. Working together, we can make things better. Better for ourselves, for our families, for our neighbours and our friends.

I attend the monthly Parish Council meetings and am involved in the Planning Committee and the Finance & General Purposes Committee. I take part in the monthly Parish Council surgeries. I am also involved in discussions both to try and find a way forward with the car parking in Quorn and improving community resilience in the face of emergencies such as flooding or a major incident. I participate in the Community Speed Watch scheme. I am the Parish Council representative to the Quorn Town Lands Charity.

I have lived in Quorn since 1992. I come originally from Dorset and moved up here to start my first proper job, working at Fisons Pharmaceuticals. I then moved to 3M and eventually began running my own business, working from home.