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Welcome to the Quorn Parish Council website.

This site has been developed to give the residents access to their Council.

We hope to regularly update these pages to communicate what the Council wishes to achieve throughout the year and what progress is being made on any current projects or issues which have been raised.

For more information about the village in general please visit the Quorn Village webpage.

Caves Field Play Area

Cave's Field 'New Play Equipment' Update: the equipment is currently being installed.

Update as of 28th June: 

The installation of the new play equipment has now begun. You will see people working to install the facilities chosen by local children. There will also be a new fence to ensure safety whilst playing. If you see a van on Cave’s Field then please do not be alarmed, this is a temporary measure whilst work is on-going. 

The new equipment will take approximately up to three weeks to install.


[Grounds and Facilities Officer, David, has been engaging with local schools and playgroups to establish plans for a more desirable play area. He’s worked hard to find out the types of equipment children want to find in their local park, “It really helps to give children a sense of ownership and pride in their park when they know they have been involved in the plans”.]



Meetings Calendar


Council Meeting

Council Chambers, Village Hall 7pm

Planning Committee

Council Chambers, Village Hall 9am

Grounds and Facilities Committee

Council Chambers, Village Hall 4pm

Council Meeting

Council Chambers, Village Hall 7pm

This Site

We have already incorporated an archive of the Council minutes from meetings January 2019 onward and will continue to add more to that archive.  If in the meantime you require the minutes from an older meeting, do not hesitate to contact the office.  We will also continue to upload the latest dates and minutes from all the Council meetings onto this site.

We will use the News and Events column to keep you informed about local information and other items which we think are important for you to know. The column will also carry details about what’s happening in the area and we encourage the organisers of events to let us know, using the contact form, so we can provide further publicity for your activities.

Who are we?

For a detailed list of all current members, please visit the councillors page.

What do we do?

• The Council regularly meet to discuss local issues
• Support and encourage ongoing community engagement initiatives
• Maintain devolved assets at a local level
• Support the economic diversity and prosperity of the village
• Review planning applications and make comment as appropriate